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MAUI, HI (June 16, 2023) – Hawai’i’s top-selling female artist, Amy Hānaiali’i, pays tribute to her Nā Hōkū Hanohano award-winning song, Pālehua, one of Hawai’i’s most famous songs, and one of the world’s most danced-to songs among hula Hālau across the globe. Amy and Kumu Micah Kamohoali’i have written a new verse to the song, including French and Japanese translations. Streaming is now available for all three new versions on Apple Music, Spotify, and more!

Pālehua, a beautiful mountain on O’ahu, inspired creative magic when Amy Hānaiali‘i and the late Uncle Willie K united there 25 years ago to compose some of Hawai’i’s most beloved songs. The song, Pālehua, was written in tribute to this magical place and it became an instant classic. Honolulu Magazine named it among the “Best 50 Songs Ever Written.” The new verse was created from a dream Amy recently had. In her dream, she was searching through the forest. When she explained her dream to her cousin Kumu Micah Kamohoali’i, it reminded him of the love story of Lehua searching for her Chief Ohia and remembering her deep love for him. The new verse was written from her dream, translated by Kumu Micah, and is now recorded in French and Japanese. See the song translation below.

Click HERE For information about Amy’s 25 Years of Pālehua.

Amy Hānaiali'i Celebrates 25 Years of Pālehua
Amy Hānaiali'i Celebrates 25 Years of Pālehua

Hawaiian Version On

Amy Hānaiali'i Celebrates 25 Years of Pālehua

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Amy Hānaiali'i Celebrates 25 Years of Pālehua

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Hear my call
Oh Pālehua

The most majestic place
Is Pālehua
Breezes blow gently
In the forest
Surrounding us with the
Fragrance of eucalyptus
Hear my call
Oh Pālehua

Let the story
be told
Calling to me
Is Pālehua
Famous mountain
Unveiled to the heavens
Hear my call
Oh Pālehua

Pālehua Extended

Take me back to your aroma
In Pālehua
My thoughts delight
As you fill my dreams
In the serenity of the uplands
of my chief

I hear your sweet voice
In Pālehua
Echoing through the trees
Carried by the breeze
There we will be indeed
Forever always